We provide design, construction and maintenance services for every type of system, studying and using the best technical solutions.
We work with qualified personnel with high technical competence, to fully satisfy the needs of our customers, we use only quality materials so as to ensure safety and reliability on our achievements.


Commercial System

FEDAM s.r.l. We install electrical systems for commercial use.

Shops, shopping malls, outlets and executive centers throughout Italy.

Our commitment to safety regulations in force is top priority, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with personalized, safe and with the most adequate solutions for every need.

Industrial System

FEDAM s.r.l. We design and build industrial electrical systems of any kind.

Electrical distribution panels and automation panels.

Initial installation, remodeling, upgrading, modernization, ordinary maintenance and emergencies.

Residential System

FEDAM s.r.l. The best solutions for the construction or upgrading of civil electrical systems.

Fire-fighting systems, CCTV systems, home automation systems, data transmission and access controls.

Renewable Energy

We produce photovoltaic systems in the civil, industrial and tertiary sectors.

We offer services in designing, site assessment, building, filing for utility grants, regulatory adjustments and maintenance.